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Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Ways to Give a Full Body Massage to a Man

Your friend wants you to definitely provide him a full body massage so he is able to eliminate a few of the stress he's feeling. You are able to massage every area of his body, focusing on relieving a few of the physical stress and then any muscle knots in the back, neck or shoulders. You need to be certain to use slow, gentle strokes and employ only your thumbs and palms of the hands to massage the big muscle regions of his back, shoulders and neck. Don't overlook massaging his scalp and limbs too.
Step 1
Cover the table, floor mat or floor by having an old bed sheet to safeguard it in the massage oil or body lotion. Put relaxing music on at low volume.
Step 2
Ask your friend to strip down and remove his underwear, T-shirt and socks. Get him to lie face-down and cover his buttocks using the bath towel. Question where he needs the massage probably the most. If he's feeling stressed, he might be physically tense in the back, shoulders and neck, writes the Cool Health Care Tips website.
Step 3
Pour a tiny bit of massage oil or body lotion to your hand and rub both of your hands together to warm it. Beginning with your friend's back, rub the oil or lotion in gently, and start massaging in long, slow strokes on sides of his spine. Take care of the long strokes til you have covered every area of his back, then put more oil or lotion to your hand.
Step 4
Switch to kneading motions, just like you were kneading bread dough. The objective of utilizing a kneading motion in your friend's muscles would be to exercise any knots in the muscles so he is able to begin physically relaxing. Make use of your thumbs to knead, searching for any knots in the muscles and slowly focus on these areas, says the Cool Health Tips website.
Step 5
Replenish the lotion or oil and proceed to your friend's buttocks. Massage inside a circular movement from his hip joint to his upper gluteal muscle, then right down to his lower gluteal muscle, then down again towards the hip joint. Put additional pressure in your strokes toward the middle of his buttocks, writes the Ladies' Home Journal.
Step 6
Put more lotion or oil inside your hand and start massaging the backs of his legs, using long, slow strokes. As you become to his feet, massage the bottoms of both your feet from his heels to his toes.
Step 7
Increase the oil or lotion for your hand, and begin massaging your friend's neck. Make use of the kneading motions, using both thumbs, searching for and dealing out muscle knots.
Step 8
Ask your friend to rollover and reposition the towel over his pelvis. Place a pillow under his knees. Put more oil or lotion to your hand and, while using kneading motion together with your thumbs, massage his chest and abdomen. Massage gently inside a clockwise motion. If he ate under 2 hours earlier, make sure only use light touch. Massage slowly, using long strokes from just above his pelvic bone to instantly under his ribcage.
Step 9
Increase the lotion or oil and massage both shoulders, arms, forearms and the fingers. Stroke his arm from his elbow to his wrist, making use of your thumbs and gentle pressure. If he is affected with repetitive stress injury, take particular care to not irritate the tendons in the forearms and wrists. Make room his inner arm, in the center of his arm as well as on the outer arm, says the Ladies' Home Journal.
Step 10
Massage lotion to your friend's fingers and hands. Then, wrapping your fingers round his thumb and fingers, squeeze and maneuver each digit. Don't pop his thumbs or fingers. Instead, pull gently and steadily on each finger.
Step 11
Proceed to your friend's scalp-without adding lotion this time---and move your fingertips from his forehead right down to the bottom of his skull. Brace both thumbs along with his skull and gently rotate your fingers in circles throughout his scalp, says the Ladies' Home Journal.
Tips and Warnings
Massage can elicit a difficult or physical response, especially while you massage your friend's abdomen. Be sensitive of the friend's feelings. Massage can provide several health advantages besides the decrease in physical stress.

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